3D gimbal for Garmin Virb

Let’s begin with this video showing built gimbal without one crucial  part – electronics.



I designed this gimbal using solidworks. Main idea was to use carbon fiber sheets cut in L shape vertically connected with aluminum spacers. This construction turned out light and robust.


virb gimbal 2

This is 3D render of assembled gimbal.

Handle is isolated from the gimbal with rubber dampers to prevent high and low frequency vibrations from handle pass to gimbal and cause problems. I bought them from Hobbyking. Batteries will be stored inside the handle. I’m also thinking of adding a mini joystick in the handle for controlling gimbal with a thumb. I’m going to use 18650 batteries because they are pretty common, cheap and perform well.

Plate for camera is 3D printed ABS plastic. If you look closely you will see three pins sticking out. I copied them from genuine Virb mount. They are there to always keep camera on the same position. Camera is then fixed with a small valctro tape.

I’m using DYS 2804 BLDC motors. I used normal ones for pitch and roll and one with hollow shaft for yaw. Power supply wires will go from battery through motor’s hollow shaft to electronics  sitting on the back of the roll motor (second one from either direction). This should work as a slipring making yaw possible to rotate few turns before twisting leads in deadly grip.




3D models on grabcad: 3 axis gimbal for Garmin Virb Elite


I decided to redesign my gimbal. In this version main material is aluminum. Everything can be machined using 3-axis router (2.5D is sufficient but 3D is preferable) from 10, 6 and 4 mm thick aluminum. Handle is made from oak wood to give a good feeling in hands. It turned out to be too big, but I only had 4500mAh lipo cells at home only in that dimension. Charging is done via DB9 connector. It only uses 4 pins which gives us 5 left for various purposes like a RC receiver. Power supply is already on connector (charging) and what is left to do is connect extra pins to electronics.


I have follow mode enabled for yaw axis. Next thing I’ll add is 2 buttons to control pitch (camera up and down).


Here’s a video of gimbal in action. It was shot using a 3 m long pole.



And a video of first tests.

4 Odgovori na 3D gimbal for Garmin Virb

  1. Jacob Kollerup says:


    Very nice design you did on the Garmin Virm gimbal!. I was wondering if you are sharing the CAD files by any chance? Would love to build my own.

    Best regards
    Jacob Kollerup

  2. Philip Watkins says:

    I do not have access to a 3D printer and I’m not sure even if I did I could build one. So would it be possible to buy one of your 2 axes Garmin Virb gimbals?

    Thank you for your time.
    Kansas, United States

    • admin says:

      I’m sorry but I don’t sell them. It would be better if you could find someone from the stated to build it for you with my design files.

      Sorry for late reply.

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