Quadcopter for racing

With growing multicopter community I decided to get my own quadcopter for racing. The most common races are with 250 class quadcopters. Class 250 means that they have 250mm diagonally between motors. Racers wear video glasses and watch live video stream from their multicopters. Regular 250 class racers can often achieve speeds more than 70km/h.


It took me good two weeks to draw cad models and figure everything out. Carbon fiber turned out to be a very good choice of material for multicopter frames. Everything on this frame is machinable from 2mm or 3mm carbon fiber plate with 2.5D cnc router. CNC router isn’t really necessary, because everything can be cut out using coping saw. Carbon fiber plates are from ebay. They are very cheap (20$ for 2mm and 30$ for 3mm).


Here are some computer renderings of my quadcopter.
9 7


Now the production. Because I was waiting for carbon fiber to arrive I made aluminum bolts first. I used aluminum bar 12mm in diameter and lathed bolt shaped parts.

Then came CNC cuting. Fist the 2mm cfk plate and the 3mm cfk plate.

First the holes and then the part.

I also lathed 12mm M3 spacers.


Everything cut and fabricated. Time do some assembling.